May 27, 2020 |  #poem  



It was some few days ago when

He sat reminiscing old times....


He looked to you like a child awaiting his mum!

Like tortoise in the folktale, a lot of stories about you he was told!

Many even tagged you vision 2020.

Anticipations built!

He only wished to see you one day.

You seemed too good already from afar.

2020 you were hyped.


You came, everyone was happy.

Celebrations everywhere.

But who knew you were just waiting for him to come close.

A knife you held,

tearing down all hope and joy.

Like an over hyped movie you came, worse coz you brought no taste at all, just numbers counting down, he didn't even bother counting. There was no vision but gloom.

Guess all he heard was a lie..

But it doesn't matter again, he's gone!

You are still here but he isn't, you took his life with the pains you brought.

You have snatched that little boy that had hopes in you, that was eager to see what you would bring, he did see it, but at a price.

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Amazing ! - 1 year, 3 months ago
Ugochukwu - 1 year, 3 months ago
@Amazing ! Thanks