Why Gecko's Tail Dances?

May 27, 2020 |  #neuron #gecko #science #animal  

Okay, let's say I was curious about this.

Tokay gecko dropped tail on Make a GIF

Why do Gecko's tail dance and how is it possible? and do the tails grow back?

It is amazing how only a tail can flip, jump and dance(lolz). The gecko's tail is connected to it's spinal cord, but once any of the three below occurs, it detaches it. Just a small pinch in the right place is all it takes for the gecko to drop its tail.

First there are many reasons why a Gecko's tail may drop:
1. It is being attacked by a predator

When a gecko senses that it is being attacked, it drops its tail to distract the predator, as the predator is being distracted by the tail, the gecko escapes.Some times even the tail escapes, then the gecko comes back for it to eat.

2. The tail got stuck

This may happen if the gecko gets stuck by objects that then force its tail to drop.

3. It was removed intentionally or accidentally by a person

Someone accidentally or intentionally removed the gecko's tail

How this happens?
    It is possible to move parts of the body without any active control from the brain thanks to independently operating neurons called Central Pattern Generators(CPG). These neurons can cause parts of the body where they are found in to move independently from the brain(same goes for a headless chicken or roach). The tail according to research also seemed to be aware of it's environment, so if it hits a wall, it changes direction. It is claimed that this sporadic movement may last up to 30 minutes.

Does the tail grow back?
Yes the tail grows back within 30 days.

Scientists are studying Geckos and how this can help in treating spinal cord issues in Human

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